Cartable Platform

An integrated platform for HR and project management


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  • Storing employee data
  • Dashboard/Personal profile
  • Select defined projects
  • Create/manage reports
  • Record time for every task
  • Time management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Performance evaluation
  • Send/deliver messages
  • File sharing
  • Notes
  • Blackboard
  • Leave request
  • Terms and conditions section


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Manage your software projects and employees’ tasks

Any company with employees will need an HR Management System in some form or another, ranging from manual documents and spreadsheets to comprehensive cloud-based HR Management Systems designed to handle all HR processes. Cartable is a good choice for companies that want to manage and monitor their software project’s progress and the efficiency of their employees.


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Give employees access to their personal profile and team information before they ever start, so they have an amazing experience before they even start. With needed documentation and duties available to complete before joining, you can rest assured that every team member will be prepared to succeed right away.



With the Cartable platform you can:

Reduce paperwork and save your administration time. Streamline your employee management with timesheets and leave management. Provide better insights with real-time analytics and custom reporting. Organize your data with easy access from anywhere, anytime. Keep your employees more engaged and productive.

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