Eastport System

A light and real-time platform for tracking cargoes


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The eastport system enables charterers, operators, analysts, owners, and brokers to manage freight transactions and fixtures from start to finish by digitizing workflows. Using estport system, you can:

  • Create and manage fixtures with their cargoes.
  • Assign a vessel to fixture and create many loads and discharge ports with their berth.
  • Track all vessels for you fixtures at any time with ease in a map
  • Create a powerful invoice with many predefined templates and also invoice requests for the fixture with full of details and flexibility.
  • A powerful search engine to find a fixture based on any details of it.
  • Add and manage all your clients with detail.
  • See many different kinds of charts for analysis in KPI Like freight volumes, costs, cargo, performance analysis, and many more.


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A light and real-time platform for tracking cargoes

The Eastport system can be used by anyone who is involved in chartering processes including charterers, operators, owners, analysts, and brokers. It is already being used by a Dutch shipping company.


corporation model, technologies, time frame, team, tools

Corporation model, technologies, time frame, team, tools

This system has been written in PHP (Laravel framework) as a backend to create a powerful REST API and Angular as a frontend with many customizations. Moreover, the databases used for securely storing fixture and vessel information is MySQL. Also, there is a powerful queue system for all related alerts and notifications.




  • Cutting costs and improve productivity
  • Gaining a competitive advantage from the data
  • Making better-informed decisions based on real-time data
  • Evaluating KPIs over time to spot trends and realize efficiencies
  • Unlocking additional commercial opportunities for the future
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