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Shopify extension, which was first launched by the name of “Far Out” is our first product as a Shopify application that can support any online store backed by Shopify. Our Shopify extension is the first digital marketing platform that enables your business to convert every typical customer into a social media influencer. It aims to leverage the most out of word-of-mouth marketing by putting customers at the heart of your marketing strategy. You can imagine it as referral marketing where every typical customer promotes products/services of a business on their favorite social media, in exchange for a discount. Using this extension, you can integrate several marketing strategies including referral, social media, influencer, and review generation marketing all together.



a pointer app on the fast-growing cannabis market.

A great platform for boosting your market

Anyone who owns a business and has a Shopify-backed online store for selling their products/services can utilize this extension. All you need is to install our Shopify extension on your online store with one click and tell us how much discount you’d like to give away. The rest will be handled by the Shopify extension.


corporation model, technologies, time frame, team, tools

Corporation model, technologies, time frame, team, tools

After launching your campaign, the Shopify extension shows a pop-up window to your customers that encourages them to share a post on their favorite social media and get rewarded. The customer picks a photo, rates, and writes a review about your products. Having the photo and comment, the Shopify extension generates a ready-to-share post along with a Promo Code; and instructs the customer to share it on social media. Once the customer shares the post, the extension monitors the customer’s social media profile using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms; and makes sure the post is valid and up for at least 24 hours. If the post is verified, the Shopify extension will activate the Promo Code and automatically integrate it with your online store without any hassle. Then, the customer and their followers can simply redeem the activated Promo Code on their next purchase.




  • You do not need to pay upfront cost anymore
  • Your sales will increase
  • Your brand awareness will increase
  • You can collect customer’s comments, ratings, and shared photo
  • You can know about your top-performing customers
  • You can track your new sales and monitor your return-on-investment(ROI)
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