The Air Cargo Booking System


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  • Fast booking
  • Reliable, flexible, and easy to use
  • Search & filter
  • Ability to add dangerous goods which need more cautious 
  • Track flight slots and schedules


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Serve your customers better while gaining operational efficiency

For all entities involved in cargo processing and management, our cargo end-to-end solution is an excellent alternative. This system allows you to go beyond only monitoring the full cargo management process, with integration to facilitate airport support, door-to-door service, space and stock management, report management, and many more operations.


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The Air Cargo Booking System helps airlines in booking and managing cargo slots and transportation, even during the latest possible moment. Shipping freight becomes more organized and easy with this powerful tool. Using this solution, Airlines, Forwarders, Carriers, and General Sales & Service Agents can serve a wide range of businesses, with top-notch efficiency.



Airlines offering Air Cargo Booking System are first to market with a new sales channel – capturing market share with little competition. Forwarders who adopt digital booking are the first to reap the benefits, saving time and money by lowering labor expenses, reducing the time it takes to quote customers, and increasing productivity. As a result of these advantages, customers are happier and book more.

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