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to Have Real-Time and High-Quality Communication

You can run your own, independent, federated and peer-to-peer RTC solutions, including instant messaging (IM), voice-over-IP (VoIP), video/webcam, social networking, and WebRTC, using our software solutions. WebRTC is the latest generation of RTC. Using WebRTC you can communicate with any users from anywhere through any web browser.

Why You Should Use RTC Solutions for Your Business

Easy Access And Cost-Efficient

You can collaborate with your team easily and share your files and information quickly and securely. Team members can connect and call each other wherever they are. It is easy to have a conference and video call with your team members without worrying about accessibility because any device that can access the browser can connect with WebRTC, which makes it cheaper for an end to end communication.s


The Features of the AminSoft's RTC Software Solution

High security and privacy

Secured at the protocol level, and it follows best security practices

Team collaboration

Employees and leaders can simply use voice and video in any web browser

File sharing and screen sharing

It allows people view someone else’s computer screen in real-time

Easy Access

People can connect to each other from any devices using any web browser

Full HD video and voice calls

It allows users to stream peer-to-peer audio and video in a web browser

Live Chat

It is useful when it’s necessary to answer questions or customers’ requests

We Accompany You From A to Z

Our customer support team will assist you in every step of their solutions, including consulting, designing and implementation, development, and deployment. We deliver our RTC products with setup services to ensure your solution is properly installed and configured. Moreover, we can provide training services for projects or specific solution requirements.

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