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AminSoft Offers One of the Best Secure and Private Messenger

A Customized Messenger - Reliable and Trustworthy

If you want to have a secure, private, and customized messenger with your exclusive logo, AminSoft is the best option for you. You can trust us to design and develop your messenger app with the ability to add a variety of extra modules and features to meet your needs. We utilize end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy and keep your information secure and confidential. This measure prohibits anyone from seeing the contents of the message except for you and the intended recipient.

The Key Features of Our Secure and Private Messenger

End-to-end encryption

Multi-platform support

Multi-mode communication

Group chat

File sharing

Self-destructing messages

Why Use Our Secure and Private Messenger

Confidential Communication – Strong Encryption

In addition to having end-to-end and strong encryption, AminSoft can design and add different modules to your messenger based on your requirements and policies. For example, you can enable a screenshot-proof module to prevent members from getting screenshots of your messages. It is our competitive advantage! Our main goal is to keep satisfying our clients by providing high quality and unique services/products.


User-Friendly and Easy to Work Messenger

Beautiful Design – Smooth Functionality

Some messengers are secure and reliable, but their design is so boring and confusing. It makes users unwilling to work with these kinds of messengers. Our professional team in AminSoft does their best to develop a secure messenger with an attractive and principled design.

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